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A Closer Look - Hip-Hop Artist, Krystle Maria

You may have seen this next beautiful artist featured on BET Jams, or possibly in the 2018 DMV Female Cypher! Inspired by Lady Gaga, Toni Braxton, Britney Spears, Sade, and the late greats, Biggie & Aaliyah. The DMV AUX presents to you, the versatile star herself, Hip-Hop artist, Krystle Maria.

Krystle Maria, once known as “Krystle Meth,” was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Growing up, she stated, “Life was great!” and was always surrounded by many cultures and walks of life in the area.

During her younger years, Krystle played the piano and frequently put on in-home shows with her little sister. Although she was “forced” by her mother to play the piano, she fell in love with it as time passed. In a prior interview, Krystle spoke about singing with her sister, which built up my curiosity, to simply ask what songs? She then admitted, “We used to sing a lot of Cheetah girls, ‘We are sisters…’ (she sang) and Britney Spears,” she stated and laughed.

As an adolescent, Krystle attended James Hubert Blake High School, a school specializing in fine arts and humanities. “I did a lot of theater, video production, piano, poetry, and other arts during my time there,” she stated. Yet, Krystle didn’t take her singing/rapping ability seriously until 2009 when her mother passed. “Making music became therapeutic for me during that time, ever since then, I just haven’t stopped!” Unfortunately for us, we will never hear those recordings, Krystle stated they’re not up to par and gave a solid no!

As her journey continues, in 2014, Krystle released her debut mixtape titled This is Good Hair. During the initial release, she shared that she was anxious and scared. “I took my time with that project, and people were going to hear me for the first time, so yes, definitely scared.” If you plan on listening to This is Good Hair, you must dig deep or find one of Krystle’s very good friends!

Her biggest achievement so far has been her single “Melanin” currently pushing 107,000 views on YouTube! While comparatively, her biggest challenge has been breaking into the industry and connecting with the right people. However, Krystle stays self-motivating herself always! “I have to keep going,” she stated.

In light of the DMV music scene, she stated, slowly but surely, “It’s getting there! Everyone is really talented and becoming more supportive over time.” Krystle has already collaborated with DMV’s popstar Rico Nasty on their hit “Legit” in 2018, but she’s looking forward to collaborating with other “dope” female artists soon.

When it comes to her musical style, Krystle writes from a therapeutic perspective but also strives to make her audience smile along the way. In her opinion, she distinguishes herself from others through staying authentic, refreshing, and creative.

As we spoke about Rico, she explained to us how they met. “I was watching one of her videos on YouTube, maybe Hey Arnold, and I thought it was great! I immediately told my manager I wanted to collaborate with her because I had the perfect song. She’s motivational, and I’m so happy for her,” she stated.

Aside from music, Krystle, or may I say, Dr. Krystle is currently a dentist in Northeast DC, educating patients and helping those in need. The cool thing is, her sister is also in dentistry, and her mother was too!

Two years from now, Krystle aims to debut on the Billboard Hot 100, release an album, and venture into new things. In the meantime, stay on the lookout for Krystle’s unreleased single “Breaking all the Rules,” and music video set to release this November. “It’s kind of alternative pop, but it’s a different style of me,” she stated.

When it comes to advice for aspiring artists, Krystle tells them to keep striving for your dreams and stay motivated. “You’re only on earth once, so don’t give up,” she concluded.

Read more about Krystle Maria with a closer look below.

Say you're at home and a natural disaster is coming, you have to evacuate immediately what 5 items are you taking?

This is hard because I have five birds! However, excluding my birds, I’ll take my childhood stuffed animal, my phone, wallet, a coat because I’m always cold, and a pair of shoes.

What’s the best birthday gift you have received?

My sister; she was born the day before my birthday (Nov.8th)!

There’s no better gift than a sister.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I would create more music and catch up on my shows!

I love all my shows, but my favorite right now is “Power” on Starz.

What’s one thing you wish you didn’t have to pay for?

I wish I didn’t have to pay for school.

Would you rather be an extreme couponer or an antique hoarder?

I would rather be an extreme couponer, I think it would be extremely cool.

I’m all about trying to save money!

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

Honestly, I don’t really have any pet peeves.

Magnified Topic of the Week: Krystle Maria’s single “Oo”

Bringing in close to 45,000 views on YouTube, this single is simply mesmerizing! The music video for "Oo" is inspired and pays homage to Travis Scott's music video for his hit, Butterfly Effect. "It's one of the coolest videos of all time, " she stated.

However, the song itself was already written by Krystle, and after listening to the beat a few times, the hook/verses she had fitted in perfectly with the beat!

Watch the music video for “Oo” below and stream on all platforms!

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