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A Closer Look Introduces: Malik Davage

You may have seen this next artist’s viral compelling performance on The Voice in 2017- or maybe BET’s 106 & Park! Inspired by R&B/Pop idols, Michael Jackson, D’Angelo, Chris Brown, Tank and Omarion- The Neo Elite presents the notable, harmonious R&B artist Malik Davage.

Malik was born and raised in Southeast D.C. near RFK Stadium. “That’s where everything started at- right there,” Malik stated. As an adolescent, Malik enjoyed usual kid activities like running track, hanging out with friends, and video games. “I had every game system in existence, the PS1, Xbox 360, etc. but my favorite system is the Xbox, the graphics are amazing!” he shared with excitement.  

Apart from fun activities, Malik also found interest in music at an early age. From elementary to college, Malik participated in choir and various talent shows. Growing up, he would watch biopics on legendary music groups like The Temptations, The Jacksons, and more. Malik then took his growing fascination and put it to work! “After finding out I can actually sing, I told myself I can do it [sing professionally],” he stated. At the age of 15, Malik found himself recording his first record. “Ever since then, I’ve been in the studio recording over and over.”

Outside of school and events, Malik always stays one step ahead when it comes to his musical style and realness. He stated, "My voice is captivating, and I keep R&B, R&B." He continues to create gratifying music with use of different themes and sounds. While expanding his reach, he wants to move forward and stand as a diverse artist.

On another note, Malik is proudly repping and putting D.C. on the map and doesn't plan on stopping. He has performed on countless stages, but his favorite performances, by far, have been opening up at The Fillmore for various artists in Washington, D.C. Regarding D.C, Malik feels as though, “the world should take more notice of DC’s talent, instead of the political atmosphere." However, he's excited about the rise of new R&B musical artists.  

Two years from now, Malik has a goal to release more singles, drop visuals, and work on new EPs. In all, he wishes to continue thriving and doing what’s required of him. So far, Malik’s greatest achievement has been inspiring others. On the flip side, his biggest challenge has been getting one of his singles to “pop” and constantly staying consistent and relevant as an artist.  

Apart from music, Malik enjoys working out, spending time with his daughter and family, in addition to playing video games. As a father and an artist, Malik balances the best way he can, and easily finds stability between both roles.

When it comes to advice for aspiring artists, he would tell them, “Be you and stay you because no one can be you.” If you come across doubt with releasing music, remember it’s not for you to decide, it's for your audience. In conclusion, “Be the artist you want to be because the world is yours!”

Read more about Malik Davage with a closer look below.

Looking back, what has been your worst job to date and why?

My worst job to date was working at a hospital.

Working there you’re able to see many walks of life, people with minor illnesses to people on their deathbed. In all, the experience made me see the meaning of life in a different way.

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

My biggest pet peeve deals with honesty. I don’t sugar coat or hold my tongue. So, If I’m being honest and real, you can’t be mad at the truth.

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

If I didn’t have to sleep, I would stay in the studio and be out of sight. I would also be on moves, thinking of ways to bring in revenue.

Would you rather Win $50,000 or let your best friend win $500,000?

I would let my best friend win $500,000. Good men take care of good men and look out for everyone. Whether he shares the money with me or not, it won't be on my mind it will be on his.

If you're having bad day, what is something you often to do to turn things around?

If I’m having a bad day to turn things around, I play video games like, “Grand Theft Auto” and “Assassin's Creed."

As of now, what is one thing you wish you have would have known before pursuing music?

There are many things that no one told me to do at a younger age, like networking. However, in the long run, you figure thing things out.

Magnified Topic of the Week: Malik Davage’s “The Call Back” Album

Malik’s first EP was titled “Open Call," so it was only right he titled this album “The Call Back." Inspired by his initial single “Waiting," Malik wanted to create a playlist for his listeners to set the mood to, and potentially light a few candles.

This album consisting of 11 songs is not the R&B you will pour your eyes out too, but it’s romantic, alluring, and sexy, with one vibe present throughout each single.

Be sure to tune into “The Call Back” on all streaming platforms and listen to Malik’s favorite “You” below!

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