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A Closer Look Introduces: Nate Joël

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

This next ambitious resilient artist is killing the game with daily content and music we can all appreciate! With a flow that smoothly rides the beat and an epic delivery - - The Neo Elite presents to you, Hip-Hop artist Nate Joël.

Nate grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland in a neighborhood called Tamarack, otherwise known as “The Rack.” Growing up, he lived in a neighborhood filled with many kids. Together they all engaged in activities such as rap battles and sports. It was during those rap battles Nate would soon recognize his musical talent at the age of 13. He chose the name Nate Joël as a tribute to his late older brother who passed away as an infant, Joël.

In the beginning of his career, Nate pulled inspiration from New York legends such as Canibus and Rakim, analyzing their musical style and flow. “I would study and mimic those artists because if I can replicate their style, then I’m doing it right,” Nate stated. As of now, he’s inspired and intrigued by Grammy Award-winning artists, Drake, Frank Ocean, and Kendrick Lamar.

When it comes to his musical style, expect “Hip-Hop with a soulful vibe,” with use of powerful delivery and lyricism. “It’s basically therapy/poetry over an instrumental, which not only helps me when writing, but my fans as well,” Nate stated.

Regarding the DMV music scene, Nate recognizes the constant improvement the DMV is making with the acceptance of various artists styles. He stated this because “Most DMV natives enjoy crank/turn- up music.” So, it’s refreshing to see R&B and mellow rappers' breakthrough in addition to collaborations happening between DMV artists. It’s a huge achievement and win for us all.

Speaking of wins, Nate shares with us that releasing his mixtape “As I Live," has been his greatest accomplishment by far. “I always wanted to put out a project, and when I did, the feedback was grand,” Nate stated. On the other end, his biggest challenge has been gathering exposure and listeners to tune in. To overcome this obstacle, Nate drops weekly versus/freestyles on his Instagram in hopes of reaching the right person. “Every week I have to kill it because you never know who’s listening.”

In 2017, he did an interview with Affinity Magazine. In this interview, he stated his goals to collaborate with more artists and release more content. It’s safe to say now, in 2019, he did exactly that! Two years from now, he has a goal to perform on more platforms, release a substantial amount of music, and increase exposure. “You really have to speak everything into existence!”

Aside from music, Nate Joël is passionate about anything having to do with sports, whether it’s watching, debating, or playing! “My favorite team is the Washington Wizards, but it’s hard rooting for them right now, so for the playoffs I’m rooting for the Rockets. Besides sports, he also enjoys going on walks and listening to music.

When it comes to advice for aspiring artists, Nate would tell them to constantly put out music and get involved with other artists in your community. Ultimately, don’t see music too much as a competition but more as a collaboration; you will have more fun doing it together. Lastly, he stated to “carry positive energy throughout your journey and it will put you in the right place.”

Shortly after our interview, Nate unfortunately lost his job, but from the words of Nate “The grind doesn’t stop!” He’s a true exemplar of resilience and courage, so it’s only right we support this DMV native at any means. Be sure to stream his music and increase his exposure, support can go a long way!

Read more about Nate Joël with a closer look below.

Looking back, what has been your worst job to date and why?

My worst job to date was working at Giant Food. I had a role in the backroom operating machines and pushing the product to the floor. Frankly, I don’t think I should’ve been back there at the age I was - I would leave work drenched in sweat; Working at the grocery store shouldn’t have felt like I was playing in an NBA game. I would say, the only good part was not having to interact with everyone.

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

Well, I have a couple! One of my biggest pet peeves is when people leave the stall without washing their hands. My other huge pet peeve is when people sneeze into their hands. I have more but because I constantly see it, those came to my mind fast!

Favorite performance to date and why?

My favorite performance by far was at the Irving Plaza in New York, opening up for hip-hop artist, Diggy Simmons.

Apart from having an amazing time, it was an undoubtedly funny situation. One of my cousins from back home just so happened to be in the crowd. The funny thing is, she wasn’t there to see me and had no idea I was opening. Overall, it was dope!

Would you rather Win $50,000 or let your best friend win $500,000?

I would let my best friend win $500,000 because I know he will give me $50,000 anyway. The first thing I will buy with $50,000 is new clothes - I need new outfits.

If you're having bad day, what is something you often to do to turn things around?

If I’m having a bad day to turn things around, I will put on a comedy movie like Rush Hour 1 or 2. Sometimes I won’t even finish the entire film, I would only watch until I feel better; Good music helps as well and will take your day from bad to decent.

What song do you currently have on replay?

Lately I’ve been playing “Doo Rags” by Nas, it’s fire! Also, I’ve been streaming my friend Desta song “This & That”, IAMDDB “Drippy”, and obviously Drake “Is There More”, all fire tracks!

Magnified Topic of the Week: Nate Joël’s “As I Live” Album

Originally this project was supposed to be titled “Rack Life 95”, but before settling Nate took his time and decided to develop songs and artwork first. One of the songs, is actually the title of the album, “As I Live”, featuring Kai Butler and Jhon Myquale. After receiving the cover art for that individual song, Nate loved it and soon decided to label the tape “As I Live” and use the cover art as well.

The album consists of 15 songs that each tells a different story, but all incorporate a hardcore delivery with exceptional lyricism. Overall, this album got phenomenal feedback and even a bottle of Hennessy delivered from his friend all the way from Maryland! Be sure to tune into “As I Live” on all streaming platforms and watch/listen to Nate’s “Heavens Sake” freestyle below!

Written by Dejah Moné


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