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A Closer Look Introduces: ShaMain

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Her unique style and incredible natural/afro mohawk, are not the only characteristics setting this female powerhouse apart from others. In addition to being a phenomenal vocalist, she’s also a violinist and actress as well! Possessing an exquisite sweet but alluring sound, we present to you Washington, D.C’s jewel, soulful R&B artist, ShaMain.

ShaMain was born in Guyana, a country on the northern mainland of South America. At the age of three, ShaMain and her family relocated to Hyattsville, Maryland roughly seven miles out from the nation's capital. Soon after, she was placed in an arts magnet school, and it was there her musical career began.

In kindergarten, ShaMain started playing and studying the violin, soon afterwards, she joined the school’s orchestra. “I stuck with that, all the way into high school,” she stated. As far as singing goes, ShaMain wasn’t introduced to singing until she joined her high school’s program “Hip-Hop High” her sophomore year. “That’s what primarily got me started in music,” ShaMain proclaimed.

Growing up, ShaMain considered herself shy and reserved, which created difficulties transitioning into being a solo artist alone and center-stage. “I was always the hardest on myself and the [shyness] issue became very nerve-racking.” ShaMain recalls her very first performance on stage, singing her own original song. “It was at Suitland High School, and it was the end of

the year concert for the Hip-Hop High program. It was my first time performing, I can’t remember the exact moment because I was so nervous and nearly blacked out; I never saw the footage, but I heard it was great! - ShaMain stated with laughter. When it comes to performing on stage, she’s learning to not overly critic herself and strives to be organic as possible.

Becoming a vocalist and a songwriter was a new process for ShaMain as a full time artist, but it ultimately helped her grow in many aspects. For example, across poems and songs, she usually finds herself writing about love and relationships that others can relate to. “I have always been able to translate into words how others feel and how I feel as well; It was a form of therapy,” ShaMain stated.

Aside from music, ShaMain was passionate about education, and took the initial steps to obtain a psychology degree. However, it wasn’t long until she realized it wasn’t for her and music was where her heart and soul remained.

Two years from now, ShaMain has a goal to go on tour and initiate her own shows, all while

performing on bigger platforms - as well as, finishing her new upcoming project including the release of more visuals and singles. This year in 2019, you can expect to hear and see ShaMain performing and continuing to grace DMV stages - which she has already been booked for 83+ of!

Read more about ShaMain with a closer look below.

What makes you musical style different from others?

My musical style is unique and refreshing, cliche to say, but it’s different. I will mostly leave it to the listeners to differ because everyone translates my music/songs differently.

What is your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would be with Bruno Mars and Rihanna, because she’s bae!

When is your birthday and what is your zodiac sign?

My birthday is June 3rd and I’m a Gemini.

Say you're at home and a natural disaster is coming, you must evacuate immediately what 5 items are you taking?

My phone, laptop, violin, debit card, and microphone.

Magnified Topic of the Week: ShaMain single “Tonight”

Shamain’s “Tonight” single depicts the longing and lusting for your significant other. “Time is running out/ We don’t have to long now.” ... “Tonight, I’m going to love you/ Everywhere that you want me to touch you.” This song is one of Shamain’s mellower tunes locking in the audience with a seductive sultry vibe. “Tonight” is simply a must add to your playlist, whether it's for a romantic night in or an evening summer drive. Listen in to the song below!

Written by Dejah Moné


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