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A Closer Look Introduces: TGR

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

This army of two, is taking the DMV by storm and bypassing every obstacle that comes their way. We present to you, D.C.’s own, Melo and Breeze, professionally known as TGR.

Inspired by greats like Ludacris, Wale, and other R&B artists, these two create the perfect combination. Performing and gracing their presence at local hot spots like Echostage and Bliss nightclub with their unique looks and sound. This duo is giving the DMV another angle of the new generation of hip-hop, we all wanted.

Growing up, Melo and Breeze both lived on the south side of D.C. and attended Chavez High School on Capitol Hill. It was at Chavez that their musical talents became apparent. Melo began to take music serious after forming a group with Breeze and other peers. As he explains his start, Melo mentions after rapping on a track for the first time, he felt terrible, compared to how he raps now. Breeze, alternatively, started by hanging out and spending time in the studio. After co-writing a great hook, he hopped on the track to rap it, thus realizing his musical gift; “Ever since then, I never looked back,” Breeze stated.

TGR is an acronym for “Times Got Real”, however, the meaning behind these three letters developed over time. Melo stated “It wasn’t about who knew who the longest, it was about who stayed true the longest. Times got real and certain people stayed true.” Being in a musical group can have its ups and downs like any other family. In the beginning, before TGR was a duo, it was surprisingly filled with six members. Regarding the deduction of members, Melo comments “As we all got closer to one another, our group started getting smaller and smaller.” Although, Melo and Breeze didn’t let personal issues interfere with their music and from this, it bonded the pair together.

As a result of their established bond, Melo and Breeze created the perfect balance. With Breeze energy and Melo hard hitting verses, these two are always picking each other up. “He’s my Yin to my Yang; We’re the one-two punch combo,” Melo stated. Apart from this duo strong mix, it can’t always be peaches and cream. We proceeded to asked Melo and Breeze about their solutions when downfalls arise. The two admitted that yes they argue, but always tend to stay focused on the main goal, music and success. “As grown men, we debate but were not taking each other out when arguments happen.” Breeze stated.

A year from now, TGR plans to increase their profit concerning music. As well as, establish themselves into the fashion industry with their own clothing line. “We want to have different revenues coming in,” Melo stated. With this thought process,TGR plans on maximizing their brand by appealing to everyone creating a widespread fan base.

Outside of music, TGR is passionate about basketball, anime, fashion, and video games.

Read more about TGR’s Melo and Breeze with a closer look below.

How would you describe the other in a few words?


Melo is mellow, but he takes the lead role. There are many things I’ve learned from him with his laid-back personality. That’s why I call him “Big-Dog”.


Our nicknames depict our personality. Breeze is just breeze, he can be a warm breeze or a cold one. With him it's all about how you approach him, then from that he catches the vibe. Sometimes Breeze catches those vibes before I even do. I know he has my best interest at heart, and I got his.

What is your biggest pet peeve?


My biggest pet peeve is nonsense, and when people are afraid to admit they can’t do something. Don't string me along, if you can’t make it happen, then let me know.


My biggest pet peeve is when people say they are going to do something but, never do it; I hate that.

Who is your celebrity crush?


Iggy Azalea, it’s not her body I’m attracted to, it’s the other b word. She’s a beautiful woman.


Cardi B, she’s something special, for real.

Can we be expecting any new music or music videos?


On our new album, I plan on singing. We’re producing a different vibe and you can expect to hear many style similarities to artists like, Wale and Trey Songz.


We’re shooting a couple more music videos off our current project Lessons. In addition, we’re also working on new music. If you thought our last album was structured well, this new project is a whole different level.

What is the most memorable performance you have done to date?

Our most memorable performance yet, was at Echostage [in Washington D.C.]. During our performance, we didn’t expect the crowd to have as much involvement as they did. Performing there, we also received the same level of respect, as if we were big time rappers.

What do you think is your most slept on song?

Our song “Patience”, we won’t say is slept on, but it didn’t receive as much love as others. According to a few people, the song is great, but we took too long to come in on the beat. Apart from that, this song is also slower than some of our upbeat tracks.

Magnified Topic of the Week: TGR album “Lessons”

TGR’s newest album Lessons, depicts the reality behind the music. With songs like “Patience”, “Lesson Learned”, and “Hustle” you're guaranteed to feel the emotions and rawness of lyrics. One song on the album that stands out to the two, is “Lesson Learned”. Melo and Breeze raps about the hardship of losing a grounded friendship and the price that had to be paid. However, in all “You have to keep pushing.” Melo stated.

Written by Dejah Moné

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