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A Closer Look - R&B/Soul Artist, Gurl

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

This next artist possesses a smooth sailing voice with grace and ease! Earlier this year she released her astonishing debut EP, “Ambivalence” and just recently performed at one of our earliest features Black Asset's “Living Room Social” event in Baltimore! This artist holds the wow factor that we’re always looking for. The DMV AUX presents to you, the beautiful harmonious R&B artist, Gurl.

At first glance, I take note of Gurl’s artist name, a very peculiar choice, yet so simple. During our conversation, I then learned that her artist name “Gurl” is short for her birth name Gurleen, which means “Faith in God." “My best friends call me Gurl, so I took it and ran with it,” she shared.

Gurl was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up, poetry was highly significant to her due to it being heavily incorporated in her religion, Sikhism. Which soon translated over to Gurl initiating her start in songwriting with the use of poetic language. Not only did her religion/culture provide inspiration, but she became inspired by Disney’s hit show, Hannah Montana and is currently inspired by Bibi Bourelly.

On the topic of songwriting, at a young age, Gurl would write about “super deep” music dealing with love, pain, etc. After being diagnosed with epilepsy and undergoing brain surgery, she embarked upon writing about living life to the fullest, and became transparent and vulnerable with her inner emotions.

This same style of writing followed Gurl along the years. However, she didn’t start taking music seriously until her junior year of college, “After releasing song after song on SoundCloud, the support I was receiving was amazing and filled me with excitement to keep going,” she shared.

Recently, Gurl graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in May of 2019 - double majoring in nursing and International studies. She stated, “My goal is to not only do music, but to help people along the way.”

When it comes to her thoughts concerning the DMV music scene, Gurl believes that the “DMV doesn’t receive enough credit and attention.” She further explained how a lot of great artists are unfortunately underrated in the area, whether it’s due to race or their association with a certain city, they’re just not seen as much.

As our conversation continues, she recalls a time she auditioned for NBC’s The Voice. “I was in a room with about ten individuals and I overheard these amazing [African American] artists singing. However, a lot of them weren’t called back to sing again but, a Caucasion woman and I were.” She felt like the Judges gave the African Americans an unfair shot due to looking over them. As a brown singer, Gurl has vowed to work with other brown/black people and do her part to create an end to bias.

Aside from music, Gurl is plant-based and is passionate about nutrition and human rights, particularly racial/women's rights. “In several cultures, such as my own, people forget that women are as equal as men,” she shared. In the future, she hopes to create resources such as songwriting camps and more for aspiring female artists. “The government has a lot of sources, you just have to be knowledgeable and ask in the appropriate way, the money is there,” she stated.

Two years from now, Gurl is planning to move to New York to initiate her a new journey in life. She may not be in town, but she still has a handful of goals to conquer! Gurl has a goal to tour the country, release more singles, work on marketing, etc. She’s not expecting any and everything, but she’s carrying herself with hope and hard work. “This year I'm grinding it out, and in a few years, I imagine myself really setting it off!”

As a fresh artist herself, when it comes to advice for aspiring artists, she would tell them to stay true to yourself. “I’ve tried being someone I wasn’t before, and It didn’t work. You have to be authentic in your art and do everything intentionally,” Gurl closed.

Read more about Gurl with a closer look below.

If you could hang out with any celebrity for a full day, who would it be and why?

6lack, we would talk about so much, including new creative ideas.

I would also hang out with Russ, I think we would have a good time.

What movie can you watch over and over again?

“Get Out” directed by Jordan Peele.

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

My biggest pet peeve deals with people who are flaky and misleading.

If you’re going to commit to something, then commit all the way.

What’s one thing you wish you didn’t have to pay for?

I wish I didn’t have to pay for studio time.

Would you rather Win $50,000 or let your best friend win $500,000?

I would let my best friend win $500,000 because when it comes to my friends, I have high standards, so my best friend would definitely share.

With the money I receive, the first thing I would do is pay for extensive marketing for my music.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

Honestly, If I didn’t have to sleep, I would workout and do yoga.

Magnified Topic of the Week: Gurl’s newest single “Talk”

Inspired by Gurl’s past personal conflicts while getting over an ex. This song is configured with genuine story-telling and a reflection of Girl's raw inner thoughts. Her alternative voice draws you in from beginning to close with a soft mesmerizing pitch. Don’t text him/her, instead light a candle, relax, construct a playlist, and don’t forget to add this hit!

Check out “Talk” on all streaming platforms and below!

Produced by: @yungeddiepriest

Cover Art: @survovibain

written by Dejah Moné

IG: xoxodejah


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