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A Set of Twins, Two Mics, and One Love for Entertainment

Image by Derek Admana, 2020

Twin sisters, Ariam and Yodit Solomon, host their LIVE podcast, Deux Sol, weekly on Full Service Radio from The Line Hotel located in Washington, DC. Giving a platform and shining light on millennial women of color, they’ve become real media players in the Washington Metropolitan media scene.

Born one minute apart in Silver Spring, Maryland, Ariam and Yodit spent their childhood primarily in the DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) region.

Growing up they found themselves bonding over and analyzing music/pop culture daily. While attending college in Upstate New York, the two initiated their passion by creating a YouTube account vlogging and reviewing everything music-related. “After graduating, we realized it was something we wanted to take seriously, so we expanded our platform and started our interviewing series. [via Youtube],“ Ariam stated.

Although the two had intentions of moving to Los Angeles, California, to immerse themselves in the heart of entertainment, Ariam and Yodit decided to return home to learn and highlight DC’s “creative robust,” culture instead.

Following their return, in January of 2018, Full Service Radio granted Ariam and Yodit an opportunity to host their podcast, Deux Sol, meaning “Two Suns” in the nation’s capital. Initially, their purpose was to exclusively highlight musical artists as an extension of their YouTube platform; however, they made a shift to focusing on all millennial women of color across diverse backgrounds, after realizing their most “powerful and compelling” conversations come from those connections.

“We have to keep giving a platform to these women; when these women/guests come on it’s powerful, and it feels like home,” Yodit stated.


Despite their success, Ariam and Yodit, like many, stumbled upon struggles along their journey. Building an audience and finding their voice was difficult in the beginning, but after a year, the two found their niche by narrowing their focus.

As DMV women in media, Ariam and Yodit notice the positive shift in DMV entertainment and the cultural movement of black women in media. “It’s happening as we speak, we're constantly evolving, and there are a lot more platforms and layers of support happening in the community; It’s a blessing to be here alongside other women we believe in,” Yodit stated.

Looking towards the future, Deux Sol has plans to film the podcast, grow its audience outside of DC, and internationally tell the stories of incredible women all over the world. Instagram: @deuxsol Youtube: Deux Sol Listen to Deux Sol here: Get to know Ariam & Yodit below!

Would you rather wear a twist out or braid out?

Ariam: Right now, a braid out.

Yodit: Twist out for sure! Ariam hair is way longer than mine, so that’s probably why she’s going with the braid out.

Who was your favorite character growing up? Yodit: This is hard, I know they’re technically two people, but Tia & Tamera. They were not only twins, but black twins, and that meant the world to me! They gave us the drive and encouragement we needed.

Ariam: Wow, Ariam that was a really good answer, but Girlfriends. It was cool watching Girlfriends because before you didn’t see grown professional black women dating and having candid conversations.

Who takes longer to get ready?

Ariam: YODIT. Yodit does!

Yodit: Damn Ariam! Ariam: I say that because every time we have to go out together, she never knows what she’s wearing. While she’s doing that and thinking, I’ll be in the shower, putting my clothes on, applying my makeup on, etc. Then she will hop in the shower!

Yodit: I always look bomb tho! It takes time.

Describe each other in 3 words: Yodit: That’s a lot of pressure! She definitely can be type-A sometimes haha, but she’s friendly, creative, and thoughtful. Ariam: See that wasn’t so hard, that was nice! Okay, I’ll describe Yodit, she’s patient, very intelligent, and rational. Most influential women of all time? Ariam: Family wise, my mother and aunties. Outside of family, I’ll say, Oprah, she has done and impacted many, she’s a trailblazer.

Yodit: My mom for sure, and I agree with Ariam, Oprah. Tennis shoes, high heels, or flip flops?

Ariam: Tennis shoes, I love wearing my reeboks.

Yodit: Lately, kicks because you can wear them year-round with anything.


All Photos Taken By: Derek Admana

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