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Ten artists, ten hits, and a summer full of great music! We’re bringing you the best vibes featuring DMV artists and many genres. Although summer is just getting started, artists are releasing jams left to right! Get in your car, buckle up, crank the A/C, and get into these summer hits!

* Attention! The below is not a ranking, solely a list of select recent releases.

YBN Cordae feat. Chance the Rapper - "Bad Idea"

Cordae is set to release his anticipated album The Lost Boy on July 26. One of the songs you will hear on the album is “Bad Idea,” in collaboration with Chance the Rapper. As they rap about the highs and lows of life, you witness Cordae’s authentic flow and skilled way of storytelling! Try guessing the collective of samples and interpolates used as well!

K'ron - "No Games (Ciara Joint)"

Click on the cover art to hear song via SoundCloud!

A message to the girl K’ron is singing about, he’s not playing games! The gifted K’ron has done it again, releasing single after single, he’s not letting up this summer. In this song, he sings about a love interest and his desire to cater to her. If you’re looking for a late-night summer vibe, this is it!

Kobbie - "Euphoria"

Kobbie released “Euphoria” back in 2018, but I added this hit because he recently released the visual for this single! Euphoria is a song for all the summer lovers or simply for those who appreciate R&B. The beat alone is very smooth and sets the tone. Euphoria is a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness; while listening to this song, you will feel exactly that!

Lor Choc feat. Geter HD - "Lambo Dreams"

Baltimore’s Lor Choc is on the rise! Her melodic voice and style alone amazed me, leaving me to hit replay more times than not. Lor Choc and Geter HD go verse to verse on this track as they speak straight facts. “Lamborghini dreaming or maybe I want a Tesla,” “Life a game of chess, but I feel like I’m playing checkers,” This song is exclusively on YouTube, but hopefully other streaming platforms soon. Real music deserves real attention, go run those views up!

Gold Link - "Maniac"

“Better watch your back, I’m a maniac,” Goldlink is beyond talented and spits a sweeping range of bars on this track. Keep in mind, this is just one of the many phenomenal songs off his “Diaspora” project. In addition, Bibi Bourelly’s surprise outro puts the icing on the cake! This hit is great for any summer kickback or a drive to the beach, add to your playlist for sure!

Chelly The MC - "Steppin' Outside"

Look, Look! DC’s Chelly The MC, that’s it, that’s the caption. However, for the sake of context, Chelly has been releasing banger after banger! This hit will have you two-stepping any and everywhere, and it’s a song for the summer. If you haven’t seen her viral freestyle on our series AMPD, be sure to check it out as well!

Thraxx King feat. Jrahdi - "Lift Every Voice"

Click on the cover art to hear song via Apple Music!

Thraxx King recently released his project “Factor 9” on July 16th. This artist carries a unique voice and flow that differentiate from many! Not only that, but the lyricism on this track and the dynamic Thraxx and Jrahdi shares is incredible. If you’re ever stuck in traffic, press play on this single, and it will be sure to keep your ride lively!

AYR feat. Kip Ye' & El Habib- "Spotlight"

Click on the cover art to hear song via soundcloud!

Laurel, Maryland native Ayr (air) released this reggae vibe in late June. This hit will leave you dancing and busting out moves you never thought you had (speaking from experience)! Ayr not only expresses his versatility by riding this reggae beat, but he also shows off his vocals in a catchy melody! He’s truly in the spotlight, keep an eye on this rising artist.

Wale feat. Jeremih - "On Chill"

Wale and Jeremih may have just released the summer banger we all needed! “Maybe we can be on chills tonight, Maybe I can give you chills too…” The melody is very mesmerizing and rides the beat well. Wale as we know, never disappoints! “Life hard and ex-lovers is like scars..” what a line, whew!

Kali Uchis, Mac Miller, & Free Nationals - "Time"

Free Nationals collaborate with the lovely angelic Virginia native Kali Uchis and the late Mac Miller. This summer love song is too wavy! It touches on the idea of wanting someone however, the timing for the relationship is just not right. With an acoustic touch and inclusion of brass instruments, it sets the perfect mood!

Bonus Hit: Ya Minko - "Tired"

Summer is supposed to be lively, refreshing, and a season of adventures. However, sometimes we have to take a step back and wind down. Ya Minko’s “Tired” is a phenomenal mellow song filled with lyricism and strategic storytelling. This hit is great for rainy summer days, be sure to check it out and step into the mind of Ya Minko!

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