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Maryland Native, Knyves Escobar, Releases Her Highly Anticipated Single “Lost”

In 2019, Knyves Escobar, kickstarted her musical journey as a singer/songwriter and has been setting the stage since. She has not only performed at several venues in the DMV/NY area, but Knyves has been quickly pulling in thousands of plays on all streaming platforms. Now, the “A Closer Look” featured artist is back again with her signature look and soothing tune with her first single of 2020, “Lost.”

“Lost,” originally titled “Sippin,” was written during a time Knyves 9-5 job became life consuming and took away the spark she once had. “It took my will to live out of me and desire to do what I love, I used to ask myself, how I’m going to make it through another day,” she stated. Though after a year, she quit her draining job, and finally took the time to record the single Lost.

Expect to hear Knyves speak on her personal experience of hanging on to your last thread, and the emotional roller-coaster that comes with it. Yet again, she does a phenomenal job conveying emotions while harmonizing and producing a captivating chorus!

She stated, “Don’t let yourself get lost, it’s a slippery slope, and you may lose yourself; I hate to see my friends lose touch with themselves, depression is real, and it's something I struggle with as well, but you don’t have to do it alone!”

Catch Knyves Escobar performing live, January, 29th, at Rockwood Music Hall in New York.

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