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Eps. 2 - Vernon Woodland x Culturetects Interview | Creating NuVegan and Pioneering Vegan Soulfood

In the second episode of the Culturetects Podcast, Creator and Founder of NuVegan Cafe, Vernon Woodland sits down with #Culturetects Host, Angie Ange at the first NuVegan Cafe location on Georgia Ave in Washington D.C. to talk how Vernon positioned himself as a pioneer in the Vegan Soul food Movement. With visits from celebrities like #Drake, #Kanye and #KimKardashianWest, #Russell Simmons, and more...

Vernon details his journey from a caterer to owning a flourishing company with many seeking to franchise! This exclusive conversation dives into how Vernon got his start, the skills necessary for building a restaurant, how he got funding when he personally didn't have enough money, and the mindset it takes to keep pushing toward success when everything looks bleak.

Listen to the full podcast here

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