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Winzday Love | The D.C Soul Stage [Season 3 : Episode 4]

The D.C. Soul Stage is a media series feat. live performances and interviews highlighting talented rising music artists in the DMV.

On this episode, the expressive afropunk artist, Winzday Love, performs her very own theme song “Dragons (1000 Years Old)” featuring Kwesi Lee (Lead Guitar), Selwyn Mendez (Second Guitar), Sean Sidley (Drums), and El (Cello).

This segment fan favorite, “Dragons (1000 Years Old)”, was inspired by the energy Winzday feels while performing on stage; exactly like a dragon erupting with fire, all while hitting the crowd with her enchanting vocals. This free spirit is bound to hit you with a smooth tune establishing an atmosphere filled with cool vibes.

Winzday Love is also given our “30-minute cover challenge” and kills it! Remixing the sensational hit “Killing Me Softly” by the #Fugees. There have been many amazing covers of this anthem since 1973, but this version is truly one of a kind. Listen in to hear Winzday speak on creativity when it comes to writing, her spirit animals, originality, and more!

Read more on Winzday Love below:

Winzday Love is a Washington, D.C. native. At the age of eight/nine she started performing and has since graced the platforms of many, for instance, Union Stage, EatonDC, BlackcatDC, and SofarDC. Winzday strives to continue manipulating the masses of love and speaking through her higher being.

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