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Zhanel | The D.C. Soul Stage [Season 3 : Episode 2]

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

The D.C. Soul Stage is a media series feat. live performances and interviews highlighting talented rising music artists in the DMV.

On this episode, the soothing impressive artist, Zhanel, performs her captivating song “Tragic” featuring Shelton Williams (Bass), Rahdeem Baskin (Keyboard), and Deverice Wittington (Drums). This segment highlighted song, “Tragic”, is inspired by events from a past a toxic friendship in Zhanel’s life. Creating a vibe and setting an emotion we can all relate to concerning failed relationships.

Zhanel is also given our “30-minute cover challenge”, remixing the late 90s famed hit “Waterfalls” by #TLC. Listen in to hear Zhanel speak on her aspiration, family’s musical background, and more!

Read more on Zhanel below:

16-year-old Zhanel, began singing at the young age of four. Growing up, she was surrounded by musical influences like, her pianist father and well-known trumpeter grandfather, who played close at hand with the “Genius of Soul”, Ray Charles. Zhanel is also a huge fan of singer-songwriters Billie Eilish and Ruth B. From covering songs on YouTube, to ultimately releasing noted singles “Tragic”, “Guidance”, and “Guidance II”. Zhanel strives to continue producing a soulful exquisite sound, touching the souls of all.

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